[FONT=georgia,palatino]Hi my name is Joshua Rex. I'm 16, and I really like raising chickens, and many other bird varieties. I currently have several different breeds of chickens, like red and white silkies, barred rocks, rhode island red, cochin bantams, polish, aurancanas, wyndottes, and several others. I also have a bobwhite quail, 4 cockatiels, 2 quaker parrots, 4 parakeets, 1 crested white pekin, 1 quinea, and 1 white emdem goose. I have 2 chicken pens all to myself, both filled whith my various chicks. My dad used to raise migratory waterforwl and canada geese when I was little and I didn' think to much about it, but now I would love to go back then and see all the birds we had!!! I get a new animal almost every 2 months and it usually is a chicken. I have ordered chickens twice in my life, from Ideal Poultry. If i can get a job this summer...... well you know what i'll be odering. I also go to our local Atwoods and but assorted chicks. (sometimes ducks) I really like trying to find out what breeds of chickens they are, and I usually get it in two days. There's only one problem with my obsession with birds.............. feeding them. I get almost all my exotic birds feed free, and ocasinally several 50 lbs. of chicken feed for free, but I'll have to watch myself or I'll go over board when I order. My family also has dogs, an artic wolf, an arabian gelding, cats, a bourban red turkey, pilgrim and a canda goose, mallards, and several muscovies.[/FONT]