Robertson Farms and Hatchery
We are a small farm in rural northwest Alabama. We raise poultry as a passion and work full-time jobs too. We currently raise guineas in pearl, pied, and lavendar. As far as chickens go, we raise bantam cochins and silkies. The bantam cochins include black, blue, splash, barred, blue barred, white, lemon blue, lemon blue splash, buff barred, and silkie feathered cochins. the silkied cochins are not a cross with silkied at all. It is a mutation that popped up from breeding pure cochins together. We raise silkies in black, blue, splash, buff, grey, partridge, white, and cuckoo. The only large fowl breed we raise are standard cochins in barred and black. We currently raise ornamental pheasants and ringnecks. ornamentals include red golden, lady amherst, silver, and swinehoe. We raise chukars, northern bobwhites, and coturnix as well. We have the manchurian gold, jumbo brown, tibetan, and texas A&M in the coturnix. We have started aquiring some ornamental waterfowl for future breeding plans and they include Egyptian geese, sebastapol geese, fuvulous tree ducks, and a couple of more. We do sell and ship hatching eggs. Pm or email for availability.​
Jared and Michelle Robertson​