Judys Free Pallet Chicken Coop

That's awesome
Cheap, simple, and looks great. Well done!
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Wow great use of available resources and beautiful t boot.
Excellent picture presentation, step by step detail, good use of free products that were used in a way that made them work. Very pretty coop when finished and well done.
What a nice coop and run. Love the idea.
I never would have guessed that coop was made out of pallets. What a great idea. Thanks!
Great JOb Judy! I used regular pallets to make a fence around my coop and it does save a lot of money. I am not finished and still need to paint once it stops raining. Thanks for the post.


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Very nice coop and run. You were fortunate to find such nice pallets and I am in search of pallets
I'll have to look for a vinyl company. Great idea about using lumber as is
I built my 1st coop with pallets and spent a lot of time breaking them down to use
Well, live and learn. Thanks for sharing!
I'm a 68 year old woman and this is exactly what I want to do. Hubby was born with 2 left thumbs. Not a carpenters bone in his body. This article makes me think between the 2 of us we can do it! Bravo!
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Love this pallet coop! Very creative.
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You did an OUTSTANDING job on building your coop and chicken yard and recycling free materials, how SMART! You are an inspiration to us all! It looks beautifully built and put together. Indeed you surely saved a LOT of money on materials!
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Absolutely love this coop and run! You did an amazing job, especially since you used free pallets. :)That looked like a ton of work but you did it! You are my idol! :wee
Wonderful job building the coop with pallets!
Great article , I’m sure you gave many people ideas. We collect pallets all the time from the vet clinic and lumber yard, always a use.

Glad your hubby helped a bit
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Wow, never even thought of using pallets. That would save a lot of money! You did an awesome job on the coop!
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