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Jumbo feeder by Danny Bahr

  1. naamaav

    Mix up a batch of plaster and pour into garbage container to make a mold of the container floor.
    After it is set, gently turn container upside down over something soft to break the fall of the hardened mold. Tap lightly if needed.


    When the mold falls out, use it as a template for a ¾” plywood copy.
    Place a 3” elbow on the outside floor to get an approximate height for your 6 holes to be drilled through the container walls.Mark the 6 locations around the container perimeter and drill with a 3” hole saw. Put plywood floor into the container. Insert the 6 elbows in from the outside and arrange them inside for reasonable space between them for good feed flow. Have the elbows stick out of the container enough to provide a rain shelter effect. Mark the locations for cutting the 3” plywood holes in the container floor copy.
    Draw around the perimeter of the elbows with a sharp felt marker. Drill the plywood elbow locations with a 3” hole saw.Install plywood floor, insert all 6 elbows in from the outside and stick the elbows into the drilled holes in the plywood. Mark the desired locations on the elbows in place to cut slots for feed to enter.


    Remove elbows and drill with a step bit or other at the mark. Then saw from that hole to the end of the elbow with a hacksaw or other to make a wide feed slot.
    Assemble and cut outside elbow protrusions on an angle to provide a canopy effect and easier access for the hens to get food.



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  1. naamaav
    It wasn't me who built it so I can only guess. I think it is for stabilizing the pipes.
  2. twisted-acres-farm
    silly question but why do you need the plywood inside the can?? Could you make it without or wouldn't it work as well??
  3. Cheep N Peep
    I have a two gallon version of this... WOW, that is a lot of food!

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