Welcome to Coop Deschutes!
[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I started out thinking it would be nice to have a couple of chickens, and put together an inexpensive coop on my own. After searching for a materials, tools, and a coop blueprint, I realized that I might as well just find someone to make it for me. Duane from Celebrate the Seasons here in Bend made the coop as well as the run. I also purchased the girls( Buff Orpington, Ameracauna, RIR) from his wife. After purchasing the girls, run, coop, lighting, food, etc.,, each chick is now worth $263.33, without paint yet
My partner pointed out the fact that this has all cost half a mortgage payment for 3 chickens. My thought is just to get more chickens to sell eggs, offsetting the cost of the coop
Side View:

Front of the Coop:


Inside Coop:

Back of Coop, Inside the Run:

Front Lower Door:

I have yet to pull out the wood chips from the "landscaping" in the yard and replace with sand. I will replace pics as I paint the coop and make the run more chicken friendly. Thanks for viewing!