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By Monopoly · May 29, 2012 · Updated Jun 5, 2012 · ·
  1. Monopoly
    I have 9 chooks (grapes, blue, dollar, indie, poppy, friday, sienna, coconut and dozy)
    9 quail (Clara-Bell, jingles, malali, peeta, prim, annie, polli, acorn and ebony) Clara-Bell and Jingles are the mum and dad button quail
    malali and petta are sliver :)
    all of my chooks are friendly and love being picked up and turned upside down on there backs when you put them down they just lay on thier backs......
    wallie a yellow cockatiel !
    And SAMMY he is my icon :)
    A goldfinch that i hand rasied BILLY and a zebra finch sari to keep him compony
    I also have 2 Dogs (mother and son, Lucy and Rusty)
    a cat (marliea) 3 sheep/dorper sheep(Hamish, Molly and Rosie)
    2 HERMIET CRABS (Claws and Jilli)
    WELCOME TO MY LITTLE FARM.......................................

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  1. Monopoly
    you just have to keep working on them and they will come round :)
  2. bucky52
    wow,wished mine were that friendly.mine will eat out of my hands and walked around my feet.but will scream bloody murder if you so much as touch them.

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