Didn't know that it would be so painful when trying to build a chicken coop. That chickenwire sure likes to bite back doesn't it??? Personally Id rather tend Roses then do that again. The first one my hubby and I did, we had limited resources and so it wasn't very big, and what wire we had was on our fences.. Yeah we have the battle scars to prove it up and down our hands, our arms. My hubby even split his finger trying to hammer a t-post in the ground.
We only had the available tools as well.. Until he got paid, then were we able to get the proper stronger chicken wire, more t-posts and the tool ( can't think of it now) that you use to pound those suckers way into the ground... So we built that 8x8 chicken fence and for the moment they are in a big dog house with lots of room. What we want to do is get a bigger dog house at least two so we can attach nesting boxes inside.. I know normally you get a chicken coop, but I seen where you can put them in a dog house, but we put some tarps on top of the chicken wire so no predators can see them or get to them.. We dont have that many here in Absarokee but everyonce and awhile I do see a hawk or two, even a buzzard the other day. I was like are you serious? Should of gotten my camera out lol..
Anyway I am still carrying the scars around from the chicken wire trying to get into the old chicken run.. I dont think they will ever heal, anyway here lately I've been busy with the chickens, heck they are alot funner than watching tv. Alot better so the kids and I will sit outside, Luella will go and sit by them, Sam my son will play and I am on the porch sitting in the chair either reading, watching the chickens or playing on my Nintendo DS. So here's the problem because of that Im hardly on the computer anymore which I think is a great thing sometimes. So I now don't have time to well alot of time to respond back to emails, or ims. So now I;m getting teased about not liking someone because I happen to be busy with my life and being a mom to Two beautiful Children and attending to their needs, and now a grandma to Three Dark Cornish Bantams and One Black Australorp..

Heck Ive even been told well you need to be online so I can talk to you, or accused of not paying attention. Whats a girl to do?? Ive been thru so much this year already, In March I tried to end my life, because I had had enough of the mental, and physical pain. I couldn't take it anymore.. So I got sent to the hospital because I took 50 tylenol and a cup full of Carribean Rum.. Yeah I had to drink charcol, they didn't have to pump my stomach but they might as well of.. Anyway because of that I had to go into the Pyshic ward in Billings Montana... A kind Docter helped me.. I would of stayed longer, but I was needed at home.. It still haunts me, so getting these chickens has helped alot. It keeps my mind focused on other things. like getting better for my children Luella who is six and my boy Samuel who is 4.. The worse part of all of this is I still feel like I have to explain myself to others, or have to defend myself, which is ridicolus because I am a woman of thirty three years. ANyway thankyou for letting me vent. Oh yeah btw chickies will be getting here soon. I hope that they arrive safely and survive... Say a prayer please.. love Sunshine