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By justhatchin · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Mar 8, 2013 ·
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    Hello! Thanks for looking at my page! We were running strong in 2008-2010 till a coon decided "we" were his favorite feeding ground. After loosing several of my favorite birds to THEM, we solved the problem with a live trap and a LGD. Mollie is a white german shepherd/pyrenees cross, she does great with the loose fowl. She barkes a LOT but we have not lost an animal since.

    Projects? What projects? I keep out of trouble with work and chores. 2 kids and 4 grandies.. WooHoo!!

    We had 4 sets of triplets this year out of 6 boer does. Great odds. So reguardless of the feed prices going up we kept most of the girls and a young buck. Making our total 10 does, 1 buck in the boer goat line and 3 does, 1 wether, 1 buck in the pygmys. We have 10 acres about a mile from the house we would like to build on maybe some day. In 2010 we put up a goat fence and had our goats on it most of the summer and fall- it really saved on the hay bill.

    [​IMG]my yellow golden male also have the hen and a red golden pair.
    I have a new pair of blue peafowl they will be 4 in 2012. The purple pair will be 3. I am looking forward to the excitement of finding the first eggs in late march or maybe april..

    [​IMG]pic is of my old pair we no longer have

    Need more chickens.. more eggs.. pretty chickens.. I will never own feather feeted chickens... Ohhh silkies are cute.. Silkies are broody MMMmm!! They can hatch my eggies!
    Want Silkies-- PLay on BYC. SWAPS are fun!! Auctions are addictive! Hatching is like christmas everyday! I'm sorry I got carried away.
    Hatched silkies and used them this last year, just for chicken eggs.

    I had a white showgirl roo for awhile(sold him to a friend in w. ks- no space for winter) that I was putting with the splash silkie, getting blu to lav showgirls all summer. 2 of which I have kept for breeding next year. Hoping one is a roo to put with the white silkies. If not I'm getting a blue silkie roo from the same friend to breed with the splash and white silkies and the 2 showgirls if they turn out to be hens. Now theres a project!!

    [​IMG]one of the older ones sold to bev early summer 2011[​IMG]babies
    [​IMG]mom and pop

    As for the quailies!! Well I just was looking for another white meated bird-the duckies are dark meated. Hubby only likes white!! Texas A&M are to have white meat? Not really white but dryer than I thought and yep hubby loves it, likes it better than chicken -yep!!
    [​IMG]old mama muscovy has layed many a egg. We have 6 now- miss mollie loves their eggs-gona change their laying places come spring.

    The bobwhites came from my brother in Greely Colo. he had some just starting to lay and was coming to Ks.(may 2008 ) he brought me some to hatch- now those are laying and I am hatching them to eat and turn loose as I am not at this time licienced to sell them. In KS you can raise to eat and turn loose on your land.
    Hubby has a few new zealand rabbits and this is his fav roo..

    [​IMG]a banty roo and his mate run loose on the farm. they sleep in the goat shed she hatched 7 out just a month ago..
    Did I mention we both work 40 hrs a week and hubby moonlights doing construction small jobs..??

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