A few months ago I was able to talk my husband into the idea of having our own chickens.
Since then I have been obsessed with reading everything on chickens, that I can get my hands on.
Sadly I don't have any under construction photos. This coop is 4 feet x 4 feet and about 6 feet from floor to ceiling, about 8 feet from ground to vaulted ceiling.
I used milk crates for the nesting boxes

Our design evolved from different sketches that my husband drew up to my specifications. Things changed and we went with the approach that we wanted to use what materials we had on hand and anything else we could scavenge up.
It originally started with a single pitched roof but then I decided I wanted a double pitch to help with air circulation. I put in metal screen mesh in the top between the two roof pitches to help with insects and other birds/ predators.
My Father in law had a bit of stuff he wanted to get rid of and we had a few key items stored here and there.
We only had to buy a few pieces of trim board and ply wood and dowels for roosts and some latches. The rest was reclaimed materials; old pallets, 2x4's, old screen doors, windchimes, milk crates, screen materials, left over materials from work sites, hinges.
Even our paint came from the reuse shed at the city dump. we went with colors we thought that we could live with and worked from there. I had a whole box of mirrors and frames in storage that I pulled out to see if there was anything I wanted for the coop.

Honestly this is the biggest thing I have ever built! I had issues with getting everything square.
My husband was making me do most of it on my own and he helped with the major cutting with the circular saw. I got very familiar with the drill, hand saw, and hammer.
I think He wanted to see how serious I really was about getting Chickens. It took me about a month to build it.

I have made a few modifications here and there in the last few days, like putting in a slider door with a pull rope for their pop hole.
We have now had Chickens for about 8 days. My chickens were all free, they were rescued from people who wanted to get rid of them. We have enjoyed fresh egg for breakfast!
We have 2 White Leghorns about 2 yrs old (Americus and Chicken X). And we have 2 chicks about 9 weeks old (bob and sprout) I think they are white leghorn as well but not sure. . .
I now have added a wyandotte and a barnevelder to the coop. I believe they are 18 weeks old. I am not sure that is exactly what they are but I think that is what I have narrowed it down too.
on the left is Oreo and on the right is Chippewah.