my first chickens
these are my girls brand new

they were living in a rubbermaid tote, then they decided they should fly.....

so we moved them to a modified pet playyard in the garage, where they used their roosts to fly higher and out....
yes i put "roof's: on, and got a saw, some plans, and some wood, and started building.... ]

the framed floor

my wood was too short, so i decided the hardware clot should go under the roosts....

i did all this myself, but then dh came out and wanted to know what i was doing....

watching him apparently, LOL... and see after this i wasnt allowed to help anymore

he built a pophole,... and the backwall, which doubles as a door

i got bored waiting for him to do more, so i painted it... he didnt like that, said i needed to wait... so i stopped painting, and put up some walls,

theres a pallet in the way, i was reusing wood and he came along and re did everything...

[ [
this is the frame out for the roof, i didnt want the chickens roosting on it so i moved it against the coop... since i cut their hardware cloth roof, they now roam the garage, so i needed to "chicken proof" it.
so theres still alot to do, but this is where we are so far. man i learned alot!!!! so have the chicks

they like to watch us build their home
we are using the purina coop plans which are NOT complete! it looked pretty easy, HA! dh calls our coop a shanty and hes this far from EATING them all!
weve been at it everyday for a week and our chicks are 5 wksold

all togeather, ready to be moved!! um.. almost, we have a squatter!

WE ARE FINISHED!!!! YAY!!!!!! heres our chicken shanty

the run is kinda temporary, its not sturdy and i know anyting pretty much can knock thru it, but we are working on that. i just got laid off so getting more wire will be put on hold, right now the run is only one role of 25' chicken wire... i really thought it'd be bigger. nd my kids leaned those pipes there, NOT part of the design.... it looke much better than we thought it would.
a special thank to our helpers:
kegan, our measuretape holder
and roxy...