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Hello and thank you for visiting my BYC page!
Little Brook Farm is gradually becoming the little hobby farm I have always hoped it would be....

The chicken coop kit arrived on March 17th!
My chicks are due the week of May 24th!!
I bought my new Pug Puppy Karen's Baileys Irish on March 16th!!!
Plans for the expanded vegetable gardens and berry patches are complete!
It's going to be a busy and exciting time for us here at Little Brook....
The Coop:
I ended-up purchasing the Gable style 6x8 coop kit. I'm so happy that I did. I love it! The kit was defiantly the best choice for us- especially with the weather being so cold and wet for the past two weeks... which has caused construction to be a bit slow. A scratch coop would have taken forever! Because of the rain, the coop-kit stayed piled under a tarp for the first week after it arrived. Finally, a few good hours over the last few days and we made some progress. I can't wait to see the finished product. It's currently only primed, as it came, but I will be painting it a pretty shade of "Irish Paddock" and we are adding a great vintage 8 pane window that I bought on ebay for the girls to enjoy the sunlight. As soon as I get some dry weather the painting will get done and the run will go up.... I can't wait!

The coop has a nice sized vent bar already pre-installed, but we plan to add another gable vent or two. It also came with a cute little pre-installed window- we need to replace the house type screen with wire mesh, and I plan to install glass-board flooring. The 8 pane window will go on the wall above the nest boxes- this way light won't flow into the nest boxes and I can see into the coop from the house. I'm going to put a few solar lights around the perimeter and a motion sensor light.