Hello! My name is Karen. Welcome to my BYC page! A little bit about me. I have 6 dogs. Rocky 18, Bo 16, Veto 7, Layla 5 , Gracie 3, Elvis 3. I have 3 kitties, Sam 11, Lucky 7, and Lil Miss Pancake, 1 year. And also one rabbit Foo-Foo 3.
I also have 3 beautiful chickens! Nugget, Moulan and Roxi. I am a happy girl! I have always wanted chickens (and horses and goats and, well, you get the idea) but I live in the "burbs" so having much more than my dogs and chickens is impossible. My husband was initially very hesitant about getting chickens but is now becoming quite the chicken lover. He's talking about getting the land that we need to be able to have a couple roosters (I'm thinking that he might be a little partial to the guys?)
My coop was made from an old wooden swingset that a neighbor was getting rid of. I've posted pictures below. Since we are going to be expanding our flock this Spring (2012) with 6 more babies we are going to be building a coop with an enclosed area for the hens to scratch around in. The current coop is going to become an outdoor rabbit hutch or brooding. Currently my hens free range under the close watch of myself, my husband or our fat pug. Unfortunately, we have had numerous problems with our neighbor's dog who has jumped our fence and killed 3 of our hens already. It's been a one year battle dealing with this ignorant, rude and crappy dog owner next door! I despise negligent dog owners, and feel sorry for the dogs that pay for thier ignorance!