Pictures of My Girls!
Here are a couple pictures of my girls. I have 7 Gold Sex Links, 4 Black Sex Links, 3 EE's, 2 Buff Orpington's, and 1 California White. They are three different ages.
The one closest is Stripes, she laid our first egg on 8-25-09 Here is Molly one of my three EE's at 19 weeks old.


Flicka is the EE on the left, Red is next and Stripes
is in the background these three are 19 weeks old. This is Ducky a california white at 14 weeks old, my only white egg layer.

Here is Stripes and her first egg! She laid it in the nexting box! Here is her egg next to a store bought one.

Here are some of my girls when they were chicks!
These are the little ones I picked up on 5-19-09; 4 Gold Sex Link, 4 Black Sex Links, 2 California White and 2 Buff Orpingtons.


Here are some of the older girls.


Here is Goldie and my mare Missy before the pen was finished.