lets see,the chickens started about 3 easters ago.my loving brother brought 3 babies to my grandkids,who can't keep them at home so we got to.we have enjoyed them,did'nt have a rooster,so i bought one 'big red' he is great takes care of his hens.started waiting for the hens to get broody,no luck they still have'nt.meanwhile my husband wants a silie so i buy 2 white 'hens' and a black rooster,the hens are named snowflake and silvia the rooster jackie,snowflake turned into a rooster and out grew jackie almost double when they got interested in silvia snoflake killed jackie broke my heart.meanwhile my daughter was working at some stables that had chickens running loose,one a polish hen ws causing trouble so she brought her home,grandkid named her mystery.i was still on silkies and found cackle hatchery,ordered 7 blue-splash and 8 white they threw in3 more white,i sold 4 1 died gave dear brother 2 and am keeping 10.they are beautiful full feathers on feet ,blue and heads,small black combs.after this easter a friend calle,he had bought a bunch of white leghorns most were roos wanted to giv me some .of course i went box in hand,not a big enough one they were hugh! took home 5 3 roos n 2 hens.gave my other daughter 2 roos n 1 hen i kept fred n ethel.still hugh. silvia started laying little bitty eggs! a month later she wants to go broody so i put all the eggs i can find under her my ameraucanas the polish and one of her own,so far 3 have hatched,have not been told yet today,the waiting is killing me 'work out of town' the silkies are growing fast,but they still wait on us to turn the light on before they will go in thier bed,sit lookin at the door for us to come turn it on lol.have decieded to name frst 3 roos alvin,simon and theodor not spelt right.​