[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Saturday a.m. We started building our new henhouse, laying it out and changing our plans as we went along.[/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Things are looking up.....it's beginning to look more like a henhouse! It's 5'x12'x5.5' - tall enough for me to stand up inside, but not my menfolk. We backed it up against the fence, but may have to move it if they get too loud. The chicken yard is about 21' x 15'ish. Planned on getting 4 hens, ended up getting 7.[/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]And here it is - room and board for seven![/FONT]

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]

1 Plymouth Barred Rock,
1 Rhode Island Red,
1 Welsummer/Ameracauna mix,
4 White Leghorns

Here it is in it's final stage..........but wait, maybe we could change that part...hmmmmm....