Hey! I'm Jenn. My family and I live in the (already-full-of-chickens) state of Delaware. We live on a one-acre property and are planning on adding about 5-10 chickens to our already fun-loving family of 4 this spring.

As a person who loves new experiences with animals, I am hoping that this will not only be a learning experience for me, but a fun and heart-warming one as well.
However, we have a nosey next-door dog and are doing everything in our power, without being harsh or unfair to the nieghbor, to make sure our chickens will have a safe haven to call home. Wish us luck!

(Jan/4/09) Our latest idea for our chicken's home is an old, out-of place, wooden child's clubhouse that was in our yard since I was little. Just tweek it a bit, and now it's a chicken coop!
We decided to get our chickens from a class hatched group. 7 out of 12 hatched!
They are adorable!!!