July 1, 2011
So it is my second day being a chicken owner! They survived the night with their rabbit hutch. I woke up extra early to let them out and they were still sleeping!! Haha, today I hand fed them, which I was very afraid to do because I don't want to be bitten but it was fun. I guess I have decided that one is a NHR and the other two are EE's. I am slowly learning how to care for them. My mom wants them as egg chickens and today I realized that we bought the meat chicken food, oops! Hopefully it wont affect them too much. So they finally have their official names after much debating. The NHR is katsu for chicken katsu sauce (a reddy brown color). One of the EEs are adobo and the other is shoyu. I wanted to name one Patty for chicken patty but I have a friend named that and I dont know how she would feel about that. Hope you all have a wonderful July 1st, I'll be hearing the tsunami practice alarm soon. Wonder how the chickens will feel about that?