So, it's time to talk about heat and ways to keep the feathered kids cool again. We have so many newbies it's probably a good idea to go through a big long list.

1. Hillbilly Airconditioning- Get gallon jugs, 2 liter bottles, etc. and fill them 90% and freeze with the tops off (for expansion). Cap and place in shady areas in which your birds already congregate. They'll snuggle up to them after they get over being all freaked out. Groups of these can be put in coops for overnight relief.

2. Iced Waterers- Get extra waterers and freeze them 75% full of water, upside-down. When solid, you fill the rest of the way, and the liquid water is on the side that drains out when you place them upright. The water will be cool all day long.

3. Misters- Found at Home Depot, &etc., these are fabulous for providing several degrees of cooling, and you can hook them up to a hose timer for the hottest part of the day. The birds will appreciate it after they adjust.

4. Foot Baths- Use old shallow vessels: Lasagne pans, under-bed plastic boxes, BIG planter bases. Fill with 4" water or less and leave in a shady spot for them to walk through. They'll also drink it, which will be fairly gross, but it's great to let them get their feet wet.

5. Cold Mash- I use cold yogurt, milk, juice, water- mix with their feed for a bit of a different cool feed.

6. Popsicles- Take any old fruit, odds and ends from your fridge that are too bad for humans, but not so bad for birds, and freeze these with water in an old juice carton. The cardboard peels off and the fruit and stuff is in the ice. This will occupy them for hours.

7. Frozen Veggies and Fruit- I get the mondo bags from Checkers and Costco and toss handful amounts out in the yard. They like most of it, but there are things they'll ignore. Had a yard peppered with frozen carrot cubes once...ick. Henry the Chocolate lab thought they were delicious.

I'll post more when I think of it.