[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]OK, so we are 10 months into this chicken ordeal. It has been a blast! We have begun to let our chickens roam the "neighborhood" this spring. They have really taked a liking to our neighbors yard. Thank goodness she likes them! So, our neighbor, Mary (and Ed) have had such a fun time watching our chickens, they have decided to get chicks of their own. We have 5 laying hens and about 3 weeks ago, Mary came home with a rooster. She was visiting someone that needed to get rid of one rooster (a bantam) and she just couldn't wait to get her chicks. So, she graciously agreed to take the rooster. He "took off" the first day and poor Mary looked like she was a 5 year-old who just lost her puppy. Summer and I felt so bad for her that we thought we would go and search for him (Captain Sully) after she finished her homework. At about 4:00 Mary called and asked if we would mind helping her capture Sully because he was behind my garage. We got out there and were able to capture him. This happened for two nights until Sully realized where his home really was. The first day, Sully was looking at my "girls" like he was going to have his way with them but my girls literally chased him away. It didn't take but about 2 days and let's say, we were getting "fertile" eggs.[/FONT]
Mary got her chicks on May 15th and she has been quite the "mom". They have been working on their chicken coop for the last month. Today, they put the final coat of paint on it and it has BLINDS in the window. I kid you not! I kid her that they need to put a ceiling fan in it too! Their son used to work for a tile place and they have an abundance of tiles so I suggested they tile the coop too, to make easier cleanup! Their going to name their coop "Fowl Play", not sure what we will name ours as of yet. Kevin needs to build me a bigger coop BECAUSE we got 5 new chicks today. Yup, we were at the Hartland Farm Fest and Summer really wanted to win these chicks in the raffle. We put 7 tickets in this raffle box....and we got them!! They are the exact same age as Mary's chicks. They are a mix of Buff Orington's and something else. We have them in the breezeway for a couple of weeks but are putting them out in the coop during the day (we let the hens out during the day). So, now we need to get rid of the small coop and build a bigger one!
I didn't mention that we are trying to hatch some eggs too. We have 19 eggs in the incubator due to hatch in about 10-11 days. I tried candling them but am having a hard time figuring out what I'm seeing. I'm just going to let them go and hope I get at least one out of the 19!