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If anyone read Miss Prissy's post you'll notice that theres a recipe for Kefir by ninjapoodles. I realized how hard it is to find Kefir so I figured I will offer some for sale along with some water kefirs, Kombucha and a few other Goodies. *NO Heating/warming Required!*
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Kefir grains is basically a starter for a probiotic yogurt-like drink but is much healthier then yogurt for it contains more beneficial bacteria. My whole family and I even the chickens drink some kefir every morning! Technically its not yogurt, I personally like it more
. Theres a picture of my kefir grains on the bottom of this page :) <*Also Known as: Bulgaros (
búlgaros ), keefir, kephir ...>

Water Kefir or Water crystals
, like kefir grain is also a probiotic. Instead of milk, water and suger is used to makes a carbonated drink similar to soda pop. I use it to make homemade sodas such as Ginger beer, juice soda (orange soda, grape soda etc), soda using dried fruits, sparkling lemonade ... be creative! We drink it because its very delicious and refreshing, also it helps boost the antioxidants in our diet. Water Kefir has a texture of tiny crunchy rubber pieces VERY different from milk kefir. So if have some that feels like milk kefir...its NOT water kefir. Water Kefir goes by so many names I guess it depends where you're from. <*Also known as: Tibico or Tibi, Sugar Kefir Grains, SKG, Japanese Water Crystals, California Bees ...>

is also a probiotic/ fermented drink. It uses sweet tea(tea and sugar) to make the drink. It creates a mushroom like growth on top of the liquid called scoby or "mushroom". Actually in my opinion it just looks like a flap of floating jello lol. It has a fruity flavor of ...almost like a semi sweet sparkling apple cider taste. I tried making kombucha with coffee as well and it worked ..tasted like...well lol. Its definitely not for the faint of heart since it offers a pretty unique buzz. I still can't get over how much of a body rush it induces.Its like a supercharged version of coffee... you can be creative with this drink as well.

Pollengar is a vinegar made with bee pollen, honey, and a dash of malt. It has a very delicate flavor, its sweet and not too sour. Its similar to cider vinegar but with a more honey..ish flavor
Its very good in salads and recipes that includes vinegar! Do not consume if you have allergies to bees or pollen!

Milk Kefir,Water Kefir, and Kombucha can be reused over and over and over!!!!
You basically buy it once and you have it for a lifetime!!!
Shipping is $5.00 + optional insurance

Milk Kefir:
Organic Raw Milk Kefir: $3.50 or depending on how much you need
Regular Milk Kefir: $2.50 or depending on how much you need

Water Kefir:
Piloncillo Sugar Water Kefir: $3.20 (It will have some light brown color due to sugar)
Raw Organic Unrefined Sugar Water Kefir: $3.00
White Refined Sugar or Brown Sugar Water Kefir: $2.50 ( this kefir is pure white to clearish color)

Green Tea Kombucha: $3.20
Black Tea Kombucha: $3.20
Premium Pu'er Tea Kombucha: $3.50

Pollengar/Vinegar: not sure how to ship the pollengar and vinegar yet lol.Any suggestion is welcome.. its yummy so I'm sending them out for free so you guys can have a chance to taste this! Just need to pay for shipping :p

Regular Pollengar(With Mother): Free
Apple Cider Pollengar(With Mother): Free
Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar(With Mother): Free
Fruit Cider Vinegar (With Mother): Free


Homemade incubator Fan: $ Materials fee (I'm not sure because we buy them from places that have sales)
FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth: 1lb - $3.00 + shipping

**Note** I accept money order, echecks(have to wait for it to clear) and Paypal, Payment made through paypal + $1.00(they charge me
~~You can also trade with us, go ahead and make an offer...:p..oh? A 5 carat Diamond? SURE!!
If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason I will give you a refund excluding shipping.

Every order comes with instructions and recipes. You can contact me anytime if you have questions. Combined orders will have cheaper shipping. Oh, and by the way, we try to be generous with the kefir- about 1/4 cup - up to 3/4 a cup or depending on how much we have or how much you would like. ...let me know the preferred amount if you want something specific, and we'll work with you as best we can! Believe me when I say this, 2-3 tablespoon of kefir grains is plenty for a family of 3 unless you're a super kefir drinker!! (I'll try to give you more so you can have some backups) Actually I think one tablespoon of kefir grains is plenty for one person. I know alot of people try to find a source to get more for their buck but what you really want is quality not quantity!! (They basically double every batch anyways :p)

My dear wife sometimes sneak in a few homemade dried fruits for you to put in with your water kefir or kombucha...


These are pictures of my healthy kefir grains :) enjoy!!

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My Email: [email protected]
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Also if you feel the prices are unreasonable for I will try to work something out with you.
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