I am mommy to a beautiful eight year old son and wife to a very understanding husband. We live out in the middle of the country on 20 + acres of land with our chickens, ducks, goose, gunieas. rabbits, dogs, a few squirrels we have raised and released and cats! My son was diagnosed in 2004 with a progressive neuromuscular disease (disease that affects his brain and all muscles) that he was born with and was also diagnosed with Autism. He has many problems caused by his disease but has an amazing zest for life and really shows you how much the tiniest things mean! He is amazing and he is my hero. We are raising chickens as part of our life skills homeschooling curriculum and he adores each and every one of them. I have owned chickens off and on for over 20 years and just started incubating a while back. We are using our chickens for fresh eggs to eat as well as to sell the babies for my son's homeschooling life skills curriculum. He has watched numerous babies grow in the eggs and hatch already and is amazed by the entire process. We are excited to be able to do this for him and allow him the joy of befriending chickens!!!