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Kimfeatherfriends123s Member Page

  1. kimfeatherfriends123
    Hi[​IMG] If it has a feathers....I love it. I have French Copper Marans, English Lemon Cuckoo Orphingtons, Swedish Flower Hens, Show Girl , Buff, White, Splash, Paint, & Lavender Silkies, Pumpkin Hulsey's, [​IMG],
    hmmm???? Cochins, Tolbunt Polish, Sumatra's (black, blue, splash), and and tiny tiny Serama chickens.....

    I also have some mixed chickens who live in a large grassy pen called the "Island of Misfits".

    I have a no cull philoshy...If something I raise doesn't meet standards or show quality I find good them good homes. We all have a reasponsibility to our pets and killling them because of thier looks should not be one of them.

    I also raise Sebastopol Geese (White, Lavender, Gray and Splash),..... Cayuga Ducks, Snowy Mallards, and I have three female Pencilled Runner Ducks. We also have some Chocolate Gunieas.....

    I have Peacocks too.. One lives in the house with me (Waddles)....I know that is strange but he was born with a slipped tendon and can only hop on one foot. Waddles passed away...I will never forget him

    Can't forget Puff. He is a big male Bronze Turkey. He thinks he is the boss and runs the whole show!!!![​IMG]


    Our dog Shep with chicks and Show Girl Silkie


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