Hello Fellow BYC'er's! My name is Kim and I have to confess that I am addicted to dark brown eggs, Blue CHICKENS, BYC and the color ! PINK
We live on 5 beautiful acres in the foothills of Mt. St. Helen's. Our farm... Pink Flamingo Farms....where everything that is WHACKY, TACKY and PINK goes!!!!!

I am currently breeding Welsummer's , Black Copper, Blue Copper and Copper Splash Marans, but, I favor the Blue Coppers most of all. I have recently added Heritage Delawares to the farm as well and I am so pleasantly impressed with their very friendly and sweet dispositions. Can't wait for them to hurry up and lay!
Welsummer eggs. Odin my big Welsummer rooster.
Some of my Wellie girls.

Ohhhhhhh....almost forgot to to mention that I also have a pair of Barnevelders too. The pullet belongs to my bestfriend and the rooster used to as well but I stole him from her when he was the only lonely chick to hatch from her first batch of hatching eggs she got from Farmer Johan. I had a lonely random silkie cross bantam EE baby that broody mamma left for dead in the box after it pipped, I found it still chirping and immediately took it in the house and stuffed it into a incubator.....so needless to says, it wouldn't have been right not to put the 2 lonely chicks together, Well, I fell in love with the little Barnie cockerel and that was that, he was here to stay. All was not lost for my friend as she ordered more eggs from Johan and hatched out 2 more chicks, one pullet and one roo.....funny I now have the pullet too at her request to breed to the roo I stole from her. With high hopes she will start laying after the first of the year and the first batch of eggs goes directly into my dear friends 'bator. Gotta start somewhere, right? She will be the serious breeder of Barnevelders....I want them so that I can play around with them and the color blue.

A few lovely eggs from 2009's new layers below and a couple from a younger Blue Copper and a Splash Copper that just started laying this late this summer and to the far right just a colorful egg collection from one day this fall.

My Splash Copper Roo below that I did not end up keeping. Gnarles one of my Blue Copper Roosters getting ready to belt out a big one in the center photo and Mr. Bill my very dark Blue Copper rooster to the right.

A quick snap shot of some of the breeding flock.

One of my oldest Black Copper hens on the left below and a couple photos of some younger ones that are 5 months old. Shouldn't be long before they start laying too.

A couple of Blue Copper babies.

Below, a Blue Copper pullet that is not showing any signs of copper and to the right another Blue Copper pullet that has about six copper feathers in her hackles.

More Blue Copper pullets