Kinder Korner Coops
After I was prompted by Nifty to make a page. I've decided to compile my coops together for the other
members to see, and get ideas from. I currently have 3 buildings. Each of which are split into two.
I also have plans for several more coops. So keep checking back as I update progress. Although,
I may not start on the new one until spring. Because the rainy/cold/snowy season is here, and not
a good time to build a coop in.

Layer Coop
First off I have the layer coop. When we purchased the abandoned farm it had a 100 year old
chicken coop already built. We had to do some minor adjustments, and clean back the forest which had grown around it.
But it made a great chicken coop. We renovated the outside part. And now we have one large concrete floored coop,
with a concrete floored,roofed run. I put up the divider and we use the run as a grower pen. I don't know the dementions,
but it's fairly big. My 30-50 layers look tiny in it. I don't have any pictures. But I will have to be sure to get some soon.

Breeder/Grower Coop
Next built we have EE and Grower coop. The building is 8'x4'. With each side 4x4. One side has perches and nest boxes,
the other has an indoor brooder with a lamp, and open space. Each side has a 6'x15' run. We also have two more runs beside
them lined up. Which are each 12'x15'. We planned on building another 12'x8' coop attached to them for my BLRW, but didn't
get to it this fall yet. Some day soon hopefully. lol The run perimeter has 2"x4" welded wire. Between each run it has
normal chicken wire. And the grower pen side has chicken wire overlaping the welded wire.

Here is the inside of the half that houses my EE's. The entire wall opens for cleaning. Then we also have a small
egg door on the top left corner for easy collection.

This is the coop from the side. With only the first run attached. Now we have 4 all in a line.

View of the run from the front. The latches work great! We got the idea from the old coop.
As you can see we have 6" of wood buried all the way around the run and coop. The only problem is that
it holds water. We are working on getting sand dumped into it to help with that.
Silkie Coop
My last work of which I am most proud. I wanted to get some SQ silkies to show and breed. But I didn't want them
in just any old coop, to get dirty and walk around in the mud. So I decided to build them a top notch condo.
I started out with an old pallet I got out of the free pile at the lumber yard. I put 4"x4" legs on it. And made 2x4" corners.
I went to walmart and got a gallon of the onsale paint. It turned out to be pink.


Then I framed the entire thing, and put a thin layer of insulation board on the outside. Pink of course.
Cut two holes for the air vents, and put braces across the top every 7"-10".


I wanted the silkies to be off the ground. So under the botton I put more braces, and made a wire botton 4" off the ground.
I will plant grass down under the wire so when the grass grows high enough they can eat it

I put a door on each side under the house. The food will go under there. To protect it from the rain.

I wanted to coop to blend into to our farm scene and have character, so on the outside on the insulation
I put some old barn wood that we got off one of our barns we repaired. I painted everything in stain. And Put on the front.
Begining the run.

Here is what the back looks like before the roof, and with the vents in. I bought the vents you use in your house
I can open them in hot weather, or close in winter. They work great.

Used some old linolium I found in the shed. Stapled it down.


Run is getting built. I have the wire floor again. In the middle I am placing boards across to give them something
else to stand on, they can be removed and cleaned when needed. Each side of the run will have a door in
the middle. The waters will sit on the boards. And I am putting in gradual ramps.

The door for the coop is on. I need to paint the latch.
The first layer of roof is on. And one of the run doors.
Oh! The coop is around 3'x8'
Run is same 8'x8'
It started raining so I had to quit working on it. I still have to wire the run, build one door on the run,
one on the coop, nail the roof down better, build ramps, and finish painting floor boards.
Overall I really like it. And it will fit in great with the farm. It's cute and useful. I will update as I continue to work on it.

I also have a breeder hutch, another run, and various other chicken holders. lol Nothing special.
More Coops Planned
BLRW/Brahma Coop 12'x8'
Bantam Cochin Coop
Outdoor Wooden Brooder
Rooster Run