Granero de Huevos
Welcome to Granero de Huevos (Egg Barn). During the summer of 2009 I decided to give in to the desire to know where my food comes from. I also wanted to teach my daughters a healthy dose of self reliance so I put in a fairly large vegetable garden consisting of six 4'x8' raised garden beds and additional planting around the perimeter. While doing this I also started reading about what it would take to have some chickens and fresh eggs. So I built the coop you see here. The base building is 4' x 4' and is about 2 1/2' off the ground. Inside there are two perches and four nesting boxes. The nesting boxes are accessed by the door on the outside of the building. There is also a larger door on the side facing the run that I use to clean out the space. I then built an additional 8' of run giving the birds a total of 4' x 12' of run space which seems to be good so far. I started out with eight brown leghorn chicks. Of thos chicks three turned out to be roos so they were rehomed. I then bought four additional barred rocks. Two of those birds turned out to be roos as well. So after rehoming those two I currently have five brown leghorns and two barred rock. The barred rocks started laying 10/29/09 and are averaging an egg a day each. I even had one whopper of a double yolker. The others are getting close. I see them watch the two older birds, their combs have turned bright red and they are as big as the B/Rs. So hopefully they will start laying any day. Thanks for looking at my coop. Send me a message if you have any questions about it.