Married mother of 2 living in Southern Door County, WI. I purchased my first 2 chickens on 4/16/11. My ladies (2 mixed bantam hens) are named Gracie and Lizzy.
I became interested in raising my own chickens after purchasing local organic eggs for the past year. I received a book for Christmas as a part of a series of self-sustaining topics (bee-keeping, chickens, etc) and the rest was history. We own 40 acres of land and built our home on a hill in 2000. We have 2+ acres of lawn, 13 acres of trees and the rest is rented out to a local farmer. I am tossing around the idea of ending our contract with the local farmer, building a small barn in the back and raising some grass fed steers. We have a large garden and I can and freeze much of the fresh produce we grow. We have patches of asparagus and next we're planning on planting some fruit trees. We enjoy country living and all that comes with it!
I will post some pictures of my ladies soon!