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Krazykat0373 Swap Page

By krazykat0373, Mar 15, 2013 | Updated: Jan 9, 2014 | |
  1. krazykat0373
    Adult/Juvenile Chickens:
    Orps: Jubilee, Red, White, Blue Barred, Partridge and Blue Red project

    In grow out pens:
    Blue, Black. Splash Bantam Imported Orps

    Items owed:HE/PP swap:

    Profti 4 Mottled + 4 Spangled OEGB #10120
    juststruttin 18+ Black Bresse 05/12/2013

    Spoiledchicken Jubilees #10099
    Aceschix 2 sets Jubilees (January) #10101 + 10108
    Corancher LCO + Jubilee

    Items owed: WYGS:
    clucknpeck 12+ Black Sexlink eggs

    Items owed to me: HE/PP swap:
    Ayeupchuck White Bresse (4 sets, spring)(one sideswap, 3 claims) BCM #9381
    MrsMoonCat Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas (3 sets) #6083, #6595, #9081
    coffeekittie #9678 04/22/2013 6+ Porcelain D'uccle

    Side swaps:
    Chickamongus fall swap for Jubilees

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