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By krstms · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 2, 2013 · ·
  1. krstms
    Things I owe WYGS
    6 BBS LF Ameraucana eggs- rbaker-mailed conf # 9505510439433073429464
    8+ OE eggs- silkie sensation-mailed conf # 9505510439433073428641

    Things owed to me- WYGS
    Sred98- Heart pan- 8\1\12
    Sred98- silicone rose pans- 7\25\12
    FarmerChef- wire basket-3-31-13

    Things I owe for paypal/hatching eggs swap

    Things owed to me for paypal/hatching eggs swap

    3\2\2013- 4 Royal PalM Turkey eggs- KYTinpusher

    Side Swaps owed to me

    Side Swaps I owe

    * If I have missed anything please let me know

    Things I have to swap

    6 month gfm or
    Baked Goods like these cookies(can make just about any kind) or 1 loaf of zuchinni, banana, or pumpkin bread.

    Or 5 wild simulated ginseng transplanting rootlets. (from our farm) ( only from Sept. 1 thru- Dec. 31 )

    Or 8 Goldenseal Rhizomes

    Or 6 BBS Bantam Ameraucana eggs

    Or 6 BBS LF Ameraucana eggs

    Free ranging I have 1 Black am roo over 2 black am hens, 2 blue am hens, , 2 Black andalusian hens, 2 BCM hens, 1 OE and 1 white rock hen.

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  1. krstms
    I'm not sure. What kinds of things do you have to swap? Any eggs?
  2. chochie
    I am interested in your bbs lf ameraucana eggs are you looking for anything inparticular for swap?

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