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Kycklingar S Page

  1. kycklingar!
    I love my city chickens!
    Winifred (EE) (the quiet sweet one) winifredsfirstegg.jpg
    Charlotte (Australorp) (the independent one) Charlottesfirsteggcropped.jpg
    Edmund (EE) (the down-to-earth, friendly one) Edmund.jpg
    and Oberon! (EE) (the poncy beautiful one) 2fandchickies4.jpg

    Hoping for more hens this summer. The boys are SOOOOO lovely, but they are, well, boys. I guess i'm going to have to go for some sex-links this year so I don't have this kind of luck again...

    It was fun when they were chicks! (here they are with my parrot, Widgee) 35chickens031.jpg

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