Hi, My name is Cindy. My husband, Tim and I, live in nw Arkansas and started out raising guineas. To keep the snakes at bay. That didn't work so well as I found a big ole black snake curled up resting nicely in a nest! YIKES! That sent me scampering for help .... screaming all the way. Tim explained that black snakes are 'good snakes' .... there's a term I cannot comprehend so easily! The guineas attracted fox and raccoons which eventually ended in the guineas demise, despite a well built cage. Must say I was ill prepared in the beginning. Lost all my guineas and my inspiration. Then we bought a pair of bantams. So pretty, so sweet! Expanded to red layers and they're doing rather well. Bought 2 pekin ducks last May. Still waiting to see if I have a 'pair'. Kiki, the smaller of the two has come down with bumble foot! Kyle is not affected. Kiki started to limp, this is how I spotted the foot problem. So, we're working on getting her 'back up n running'! They are such cute, delightfully funny little creatures!