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  1. KYTinpusher

    Can all the excess STUFF in my house really turn into chickens (or ducks, or turkeys)?
    We shall see. Stay tuned!


    6+ Rhodebars
    6+ Swedish Flower Hen
    6+ White Bresse (after 5/31/14)

    IKEA kid's dishes, the whole set _ IKEA has changed the style, but basically the same (plates are round with a lip now, bowls are round and a little bigger) these may take a couple of weeks because I have to make another trip to IKEA to get some more.

    IKEA hanging organizer (2 available)
    IKEA silicone potholders, set of two.

    Dora cake pan w/insert and pack of napkins

    Foam puzzle mats - letters are gone, numbers still available, add to something else!


    Books - Choose two
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A dozen blown eggs - cream, lt., med.& dark brown, green and blue. 1 small hole in the end.

    Choose 2 of the following

    Tape, stapler and sharpener
    IKEA kid's craft smock on my 10 YO DD to show size (a little small for her)


    Add 1 of the following to anything above

    Box of 10 binder clips (1 available)

    Box of three bath poufs (2 available)

    Below are available for side swaps only - PM me with offers

    Jones New York Wool Jacket - 77% wool, 23 % nylon, size XL, never worn, still has tag and extra button, professional leather method cleaning only
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Swaps I Owe:

    Swaps Owed to me:

    What I want:
    Blue Swedish Duck eggs (but not until spring)
    Black Copper, Blue Copper and Golden Cuckoo Marans eggs
    Blue Isbar eggs
    Cream Legbar eggs
    Who knows!?!

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  1. Raven1
    Hi, I am interested in the Kefir Grains. I have Marans eggs(when they decide to lay again) to trade if you are interested, I have a Blue Copper Roo over Blue Copper and Black Copper Hens, Golden Cuckoo, SplashXSplash(show no copper are suppost to be solid)Birchen,and late in the spring I will have Whites. Please let me know. Do you have instructions too? I am just getting started.
  2. crfarm
    Walli, I have Black Copper and Blue Coppers if interested in trades. Course they are not laying at the moment. lol My Black Copper have produced some show winners. :)
  3. NYXtina
    hi please let me know about the 2 ikea organizers :) thanks
    I'm very interested :)
  4. daze333
    Hi, can you tell me how much the ikea bowls and cups hold? Also, how much per swap? And I have to ask-what is a GFM???
  5. babymakes6
    And I owe you a dozen turkey/Orpington eggs, whenever the turkeys decide to start laying!

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