Current Big Chicken Count: 90 ish haha
Roosters to be rehomed: 0 for now
(I have 5 that I am keeping, Shhhh.....)
Current # of Hens Laying: Not enough, It's winter they are freeloaders....
Eggs laid last week: 302
Chicks growing out : Zero!

***Also, Breeding Blue and Black Copper Marans, with some splash hopefully. Olive Eggers from SBEL hens, and Shizzles (Frizzled Silkie Showgirls.) Holler if you want some Spring 2017 :D

How it happened---
I love my chickens! I am completely addicted. My husband built me the cutest coop for Mother's day 2011, and we started with 4, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9, then two got eaten by my dog.....then back up to 8, then had to give a mean EE away, then 2 more in the winter, 2 more, 4 more....oh my I have lost track in the twenties somewhere... So....the DH built on to our existing coop and run this Spring 2012. Goodness... I could not go back to having zero chickens, no way. I spend so much time watching them and just having fun being their mom. I may never have a clean house again :)

Me, my girls, my morning latte! This is the 'original' LA CASA......

Ok then I got chicken math. IT was pretty bad......:) It is more like Chicken geometry.

The second bigger version on the left with the mini coop on the far right end:


Now there are four coops.......

Not finished with the gates, hardware and wire yet.... Another Duplex coop built 2014
NO this one is not big enough, working on earning enough brownie points to get something a little bigger Spring 2014.....hehe...

Never ending projects!!

"Darth Rooster" on BYC---lol

DH loves my girls ! Thank goodness, because he is the coop builder. How cute is he??!!


Vinnie my Showgirl Rooster

My Houdan Roo Dwight and two of his ladies Dunder and Mifflin.....

Beauregard the Black Copper Marans Roo 2016

Sylvia 2015

The Showgirls 2016 hatch


The quail and their "Ho-tail" had them during 2014 they were psycho!

My Snowball Polish, her crest is humongous :)


Beyhonce--- a Frizzle EE, even her head is frizzly, so cute <3 Sizzle---"Google" 2016

Showgirl hatch, hoping for a girl to put with my rooster, I cannot get girls to hatch!

Cubby cheeked chick! Richie---2012 Blue Copper Marans Pullet

Over coppered Blue pullet....Beautiful!

"Patches, SBEL 2016 Dunder, Mottled Houdan

Hey! Stop starin' at my muffs! Ritchie all grown up. Our pig Zelda

Zoey, Blue Wheaten Ameraucana "Snoflake", White Rock
I have had a few of these :)

"LaVerne", olive egger she is 5 1/2, still here! (12-10-16)

BR 'Violet'. The.sweetest.chicken.ever. Her first egg. One of her last eggs Eeek... This pic is one of her eggs
next to a leghorn egg.

Elvis, golden laced polish Dunder, Mottled Houdans chick Blue Copper Marans

Jafar, has a mustache and goatie lol Gizmo the black crested white Polish Sizzle

Vinnie my Showgirl Roo Murica, white snowball Polish from McMurray

Peanut, EE Box of chicks from McMurray 03/04./2013 Frizzled Silkie 2015
Lots of Houdans in there.....

Hatching eggs Olive HATCHING EGGS...

Splash Frizzled Silkie
Margarita, Blue Wheaten Oreo, White crested Black Polish Chick.
Oreo won Grand Reserve Champion and Winner Continental Class at the fair five months later!

Wheaten Ameraucana eggs on top, SBEL on bottom

Speckled Eggs!! Hatching Eggs

Black Copper Marans eggs.... Blue ones are SBEL eggs... 1st egg from my lines 2015

Eggs collected by our neighbor while we
were camping......:O

"Frisco" the Blue WC Polish, as a chick and a big girl.... Splash Marans

"Dorito", GSL Wheaten Marans Wiggie (Wiggnoramous) my obnoxious
Wheaten Amer. Rooster 2016

Now the Marans eggs hatched!!! Finally, 3rd try. Lil Miss Muffett---a sizzle My Rooster Yoshi---A silkie stud!
Marans eggs never hatch. If they do they are 90 percent boys I swear......a labor of love.

Wheaten Ameraucana hatch May 2012 A sweeeeet little silkie face 2016 Icelandic Hen..."LaGertha"

Darth Rooster and La Casa de Pollo in Chicken pajamas??

Maynard--My GORGEOUS Showgirl from a very sweet friend :)

Showgirls I hatched :)

Sonic, Heebie, Jeebie, Gizmo (Polish chicks)

Wheaten and EE I hatched, so sweet <3 UNTIL THEY WERE BOTH ROOSTERS!


Total chicken addicts right there!

Chickenstock 2012 :)

These two are up to no good lol! Love these girls. Hey, who has NOT picked a chicken up at this spot? haha :)


Chickenstock 2014

Yup. We have gone mad. It's fun to go mad.
LOVE my BYC friends!


Christmas 2011

Duke. Eats chickens. Bad dog. My friend's cute goat! Aw! Best Dog ever---Howie, my prince <3

Baby Killdeer hatching on our gravel road. Look at that cute baby!