My flock11/11

NameChicken Flock/BreedDOBEgg colorCommentsWormedCull?

RainbowAmericanaMay-10GrnNot laying so well YES- age
Q-TipRhode Island WhiteMay-10Dark BrnUsed to lay well? Maybe?
StarRed StarMay-10Brn- X-lgLays really well No-best layer
RockyBarred Rock May-10Light BrnLays well No- like her
CrumpetSpeckled SussexMay-10BrnBroody twice a year No- like her
T.V. Naked NeckOct-10BrnLays well No- like her
ParisSalmon FavorelleOct-10Brn-XSDoes not lay well YES
LaceyAmericanaOct-10Pink/TanLays well YES-brn egg
WellieWelsummerOct-10Drk BrnLaying well Yes- age?
SummerWelsummerOct-10Drk BrnNot laying well summer of 2011 YES
FancySpitzenhabenOct-10WhiteLaid well until molt ?
RebaSpitzenhabenOct-10WhiteLaid well until molt ?
PicklerSpitzenhabenOct-10WhiteLaid well until molt ?
Blue Jay AmericanaJul-11?Should start laying Dec 2011
Sparrow (Jack?) AmericanaJul-11?same Roo?
RosieRed StarNov-11 Should start laying April 2012
PansyRed StarNov-11 Same
IrisRed StarNov-11 Same
LilyRed StarNov-11 Same
PetuniaBuff OrpingtonNov-11 Same