So far raising four chicks isn't too bad. It's been awhile since Ive had chickens, the last time I was still a girl I think I was 10 when my mom and dad had chickens. They raised RhodeIsland Reds and a few leghorns. Some Bantams with the leggins..
But my family and I are raising Dark Cornish Bantams One Rooster and his name is Cotton. (My daughter named them) Yeah hes defitnely a Rooster we checked.. And the other two are hens Peanut and Praline. And the fourth Hen is Peachy she is a Black Australorp she did have a sister but a stray cat got to her. And if I hadnt gone out when I did we would of lost all of them cause she was coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.. But we fixed it now where she cant get to them..
But my darling daughter Luella is only six and she was totally heartbroken so being the soft hearted mom that I am ordered her more, three more Black Australorps a straight run so don't know what we will be getting. And then three Silkie Bantams( hens ). So I'm figuring that I am going to have to keep the four Black Australorps seperate cause one that we are getting might be a Rooster. But I'll put the silkies in with the Cornishes.. So this should be interesting. I was told that the Cornishes might or might not breed... But I also read that you can eat fertilized eggs if you dont let the hens sit on them so. But I remember eating fertilized eggs when I was little. So yeah it has been awhile since Ive had chickens and have taken care of them
I also decided with my moms opinion to keep a photo diary of them. I might even keep a video diary of them as they are growing. One of my friends Tim says that they have gotten bigger. I just haven't noticed yet because I am too busy taking care of them. Like changing their water and their beds.. But the Rooster Cotton is getting bigger holy smokes. But I know that Dark Cornish Bantams dont get too big. But I am looking forward to them getting bigger because they are a pretty breed. And my daughter will be able to show them when she gets older in 4H. Right now she is a CLoverBud..
She loves them I guess she gets that from me. I had a pet chicken one of the RhodeIslands. She would sit in my lap when I went to check on them and collect eggs. She was a big size too. So I look forward to seeing Peachy get big. I know the Black Australorps are a big breed. And the Silkies wow Luella will have her choice on what to show in 4H. Whatever she does I'm supporting her. I look forward to this journey with the Riley Chicks lol..