I'm a 16 year old chicken farmer from Western Masachusetts named Joe. i made this page from my phone, hence the blandness. My family has been involved in the handling, wholesaling, processing, butchering, and sale of all types of chickens since 1929. we have a retail market located at 468 Walnut St. in Springfield, MA. A myriad of back yard animals can be purchased through us live, as well as farm fresh eggs, chicken, guinea fowl, ducks, rabbits, pheasant, chuckar, pigeon, goat meat, pork, and beef products. All animals can be purchased live or dead. They are all processed cleanly and are sold within three days of their slaughter to ensure freshness. We also recieve bantams raised by various farmers accross New England. Fertilized eggs or baby chicks are also for sale when available. If you live close, it doesnt hurt to stop in weather youre interested in buying something or need tips on raising your animals. For now im living happily on the farm with my family, bloodhound, flock of 20 chickens and four pigeons. and thankfully no more raccoons.