My name is Alana. Feel free to be lazy and chop off the first 'a'. Most people call me Lana, both online and offline, anyway. But I also respond to 'hey you!' I'm not too picky.
I'm new and I love making friends! So don't be shy about messaging me!"


About Me
¤ DOB: 05·07·86
¤ Gender: Female
¤ Status: Single
¤ Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
¤ Current Location: Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland
¤ Occupation: Student / Veterinary & Kennel Assistant
¤ Diet: Ova-Vegetarian / Sugarvore
¤ Hobbies: Volunteering for animal rescue and wildlife rehab. Animal fostering. Artist. Writer. Collecting jade bats. Reading novels and comic books.
¤ Likes: Animals of every variety, music in all forms, cooking, hippy stuff, fair trade, working hard, conservation, comic books, intellectual and ethical debate, psychology, console and PC gaming, and beer.
¤ Dislikes: Hate, closed-minded people, politics, being chased by bees, bad breath, lack of respect for animals, lack of respect for the environment, and usually PETA.
¤ Favorites: Bats, U2, caramel candy, Mexican food, lilies, green, fall/autumn, and Halloween.

If you are a breeder near Indiana, I may be interested in your quality pullets!
I am seeking pet-quality birds who double as good layers! We want personable, loving birds who can be part of the family, while providing us with eggs regularly.
I am very willing to travel for good birds of my desired breeds! Five hours out is just about my limit. I am primarily interested in breeders located in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio, but may also be interested in those located in Missouri and Kentucky.
  • Ameraucanas
  • Araucanas
  • Easter Eggers
  • Faverollers
  • Austrolorps
  • Delawares
  • Silver Laced Wyandottes
  • Various Related Hybrids
Cochrins • Silkies • Polish
I am currently only interested in pullets, as I am unaware how accepting my neighbor may be of potential roos. I would hate to fall in love with a bird, then face the awful potential of having to have it culled!

The Birds


Hatching soon?!​
I don't currently own any birds. I'm here to learn about them and change that! I am working on getting a coop right now, and getting my yard poultry-friendly. I have been eying some buying opportunities, but I am beginning to think I may order from My Pet Chicken in the near future. I really want to raise some chicks! I have a brooder just about set up and ready. All I need are some chicks. I'm hoping to have some by September, that way they will be ready for the outdoors and be hardy enough for the oncoming winter.

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