City girl LOVING her chicken! I was recently ROPED into buying two of the cutest little chicks ever at the Moulton, AL Chicken and Egg Festival in April 2009. Chirp and Peck (the alpha female!). Unfortunately a racoon was able to get now we just have Chirp - although she seems ok with not having to fight to get a bite of treats :)
My 10 yr old daughter, her "momma" adores her...we are not spending as much time with her since she moved into the chicken tractor / run. Chirp is now fully feathered and one of the funniest girls I have known as pets! LOVES to eat big juicy green crickets - and oats - and shredded cheese! And Sat May 15th 2010 I went to her cage to find a carcass of a vole <small mole> with nothing left but the tail and face...poor vole :p hehehehe Chirp got an extra special treat for being such a good hunter! LOL
Chirp laid her first egg October 9th, 2009 it was small and very soft. It was followed the next couple of days by other soft eggs, which grew in size. October 26th I found her first "real" hard egg - it is SO beautiful!!!