These are my gals. Sold to me as a RIR, a "Brown Farm Hen" revised from the original incorrect label "Buff Orp" and a "White Farm Hen". Love all three. The leghorn, Flap, has already started laying (big relief as with her attitude it was hard not to suspect rooster)- the other two specialize in eating. The "RIR", Pen, finally weighs more than 2 pounds though still tiny, she eats like a pig so maybe that is changing. The "Brown Farm Hen" "Tiggy" is twice the size of the other two and definitely the bottom of the pecking order- poor shy gal with a badly clipped beak.
Here is my new quail coop (HURRAY!!)
And my youngest quail, Minka, now so grown up, and Agito and Toola, Tino and Ragna... (I will have to add Twist and Tonks later)