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By laughingull · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. laughingull
    These are my gals. Sold to me as a RIR, a "Brown Farm Hen" revised from the original incorrect label "Buff Orp" and a "White Farm Hen". Love all three. The leghorn, Flap, has already started laying (big relief as with her attitude it was hard not to suspect rooster)- the other two specialize in eating. The "RIR", Pen, finally weighs more than 2 pounds though still tiny, she eats like a pig so maybe that is changing. The "Brown Farm Hen" "Tiggy" is twice the size of the other two and definitely the bottom of the pecking order- poor shy gal with a badly clipped beak.
    Here is my new quail coop (HURRAY!!)
    [​IMG] And my youngest quail, Minka, now so grown up, and Agito and Toola, Tino and Ragna... (I will have to add Twist and Tonks later)

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