Laurel Ridge Coop and Run

Our 6x8 coop began as a senior project by one of our high school students.
Weather was an issue and we had to wait four months before transporting it home.

Arrival was April of 2010.

The interior was unfinished and their were nails sticking through the the siding that needed to be covered.

Working on the interior was great fun and a challenge for me. My husband was recuperating from shoulder surgery. He taught me to use power tools, and was patient with my learning curve. It was difficult for him to watch me struggle with what for him would have been so easy:)

Screen door was added and what a great decision that has been.

We removed the original playhouse door and built the pop door. With the addition of the inside ramp, the coop was ready for our long awaited pullets.

Next challenge was the run and I didn't dig the post holes. Our nephew helped us with that.

We built a tunnel from the coop to the run...

and stained the coop.

Recent additions have been burlap to the north and west sides of the run...

and a barn quilt on the back side.

Having too much fun in the mountains of North Carolina!