We're a family of three in a tiny house on a half acre, which is just enough to truly get away from us.
I am a Nurse in an outpatient surgery unit, DH does computer networks and medical billing, DS is 16 and out with the chooks all the time (especially when there is homework waiting).
We are blessed to share our space with the 2 best cats in the neighborhood (just ask them!) Betsy & Amelia, Lefty the Belpie (Border collie/kelpie mix), 20ish Chickens, and Nubian dairy goats from Six M Galaxy Ranch (Hermione, Mocha, & Princess). Babies due every Summer.
Chickens we've had; Mille Fleur and Goldneck D'Uccles from a coworker whose kids had moved on from 4H, 3 Silkies we saw at Sonoma County Fair, then bought, from a grownup 4Her, Silkies from my mom (living in Norco, the goodwitch of the glen; all animals find their way to her door), LeFleche from friends, our #1 ALL TIME Stealth Broody, & various others we bought or adopted along the way.
Chickens we have now: Faverolles; Salmon LF & Buff Bantams, Barnevelders, Lavender Orpington project, assorted silkies, showgirls, cochins, Olive Eggers, & mutts.