Lowe's Playhouse Coop
(Perfect solution for the Construction Challenged Group)
Welcome to my Coop Page. I purchased this as a playhouse sold at Lowe's. I thought that this would be easier and less time consuming for my husband to assemble for me. I got it on clearance and it has worked out perfect for us. In fact, I'd like to get another one.
The assembly was pretty easy, although it took much longer than the 90 minutes the box suggested. All four wall came pre-fab and all we had to do was put them together. This playhouse was easy to convert into a chicken coop with a few simple modifications and additions.
This is a shot looking in the front door of the coop, you can see the nest boxes. We covered the windows with hardware cloth and I am thinking of adding some screen to help keep the wasps out!

We have 2 roosts in the coop, you can see one here.

This is the nest box that my husband built and added on to the back of the playhouse. I think it came out perfect and the hens like it too!

Another shot of the nest box and the back of the pen my husband built.

Here you can see the front of the pen and the pophole my husband added and the little ladder into the coop.

Another shot of the pophole and ladder.

A shot of the roost inside the pen.

Here is a shot of the front, I need to finish painting.

In the fall we built an identical playhouse and put it on the opposite side of the pen.
More pictures to come!
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