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    Lazy 8 Farm
    This is our first time raising chicks, so this is a learning experience for us! I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom to 3, Robert 22, Matthew 5 and Kaitlin 3. We also have a Quarter Horse, a Mini Shetland, a Katahoula dog and a "senior" Walker Hound.
    Here are some pictures of our day old chicks we received from Ideal Hatchery. I ordered 10 assorted pullets and received an additional 10 naked neck Turken males that were added for warmth. I gave the Turkens away.

    Here is a picture of the Naked Neck Turkens

    Our brooder for now is a clear plastic tote from Walmart, feed and water containers, thermometer, pine shavings, paper towels and most important the heat lamp with a 100W bulb. I think this will work for the brooder for about 1 week, then they will need to be moved to something larger.
    Most of the Chicks started "scratching" on the fifth day we had them. It was very cute to watch.

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