Hello everyone!!!

I started keeping chickens in 2004 when I bought 30+ eggs and I only had 1 roo hatch. My flock has expanded greatly with no breed in particular! I keep Rhode Island Red's, Black Sex links, a silver laced polish, a buff orpington, and delawares.
My Delaware Roo standing there with some of my RIR's
DSC00312.jpg Some of my delaware hens
An RIR with my Buff Orpington behind her. Everytime I would try to take the Buff's pics she would run and hide. LOL
This is my RIR roo. He is young. Just hatched in September of 2008
This is my little buddy...She follows me around like a dog!!!
This is my little polish girl...I have had her since 2004. She is special to me! She is standing there with one of my RIR's.
I will post more pictures later!!!
Thanks for looking!!!!