sorry first time ive done this no pic yet.
well i have a 20 year old daughter a 4 year old granddaughter 2 boys 13 and 9 1 male lg mix breed 7year old dog 1 female 4 year old germabshepard lab mixe 1 2 year old malamute female (my spoiled house baby) 1 male cat 2 female cats one in house 1 americana mix roo 5 light brahma hens 2 americana hens 1 phinex hen 1 cochin bantam 1black bantamhens (babies)5 silkies 5 golden polish 5 buff lace polish 4 samaturen 4 light brahmas thats every one i think
we live in a small town in se ill on the 2nd to last road out of town , so we have to watch how many chickes we keep,they are for the boy for 4h.thats all i can think of for now