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    I'm Lee the Chickens Guy I love raising and taken care of my Roosters and Hens I have 3 Roosters and 4 Hens taken care of them is so most fun.
    I'm some what new to raising chickens Im on my 2end flock of chickens the 1st. flock of chickens I got was 2 years ago and dog eat all of my chickens at that time I was mad at the dog so my 1st. flock of chickens did not go so good for me I had them for about 3 months befor the dog got them and no the dog was not my.
    So got me some more chickens about 8 months ago and out of 9 only one made it but the hen I got 8 months have not started laying any egg I got her when she was 2 days old and dont know why she anit laying eggs yet and I dont know what kind she is if you know what
    kinds of hen she is So Please watch my videos to see Ms. Red or look at the photo [​IMG] plz writre me if you think you know or if you know what i kind do to start making her lay eggs this pic she in right now about 4mns ago she is bigger then that. Thank you.

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