When I was a kid we lived on and acre and a half in south Kansas City that a family friend called the mini-farmette. We had a Shetland Pony, several dogs, cats and my pets, the chickens. Until I was about 13, I had laying hens that were my personal pets, and I loved them! My very first was a Rhode Island Red that I named Rhoda. I fondly remember turning over rocks so the girls could get bugs, the homey feel of our yard when we let them out of their run to free range, and the way they'd nestle in and cluck gently in my arms when I held them. I spend a lot of spring evenings watching tv with little chicks nestling in my hair.
I've been married and a homeowner for several years, and have been waiting for the right time to have chickens in my backyard once again. My husband and I recently bought a portion of my grandmother's land on which to re-locate and begin our own mini-farmette, and are busy building barns and raising small children.
We have not built the coop yet, so my hens were brooded in cardboard boxes, dog crates, and a tractor I built for them. Finally we moved them to the interim coop, which is an 8 x 10 metal shed from Lowe's with a 10 x 10 dog kennel for a run covered by poultry netting. Future plans are for a 15 x 20 barn style coop which will be shared with goats.

Brooder/tractor built from found lumber being used as a brooder for 6 week old chicks 20080323068.jpg
Interim Coop 7546_20081004_002.jpg
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7546_inside_card.jpg The Fam