Ordered: 3 December, 2011. Arrived:
This is where they are going to be incubated and brooded: My upstairs office / bathroom.


3 thermometers inside, a manual (round) a digital (beige square) and one with a humidity guage...all reading different temps:


how do I determine which one will give the most acurate reading???
will update as eggs arrive.....and thru the process....

was suggested to me to set on an angle on caps to support them...

they seem to fall right thru paper TP rolls, a milk jug cap is pretty good, but the coke 2L bottle cap is great for small eggs like my BSL and young pullets are giving right now. the TP might be great for my huge Lt Brahmas.
The Lemons are in the bator, 14 Dec, 2011 @ 11:00 a.m.
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18 Dec, 2011. Temps have been holding great right on 99.5, but then this morning I discovered 97.9 and turned it up just a squeak. When I got home from church I discovered temp at 100.9 so have turned it back down another squeak. I hope this doesn't prove my undoing.
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Tuesday, 20th Dec 2011...so eggciting, tomorrow will be day 7 and I get to do my first candling of the eggs!!
Oh I hope I see something going on in them!!
Jan 1, 2012 LOCKDOWN. Ive had to throw 5 away and there wasnothing even started in them, yoks were broken when I opened the eggs. The rest have large dark areas but it's not looking good, NO movement, NO peeping, NOTHING.

4 Jan 2012 Wednesday
this was to be the day. But it was a total BUST. Flop.
But here are photos of the eggs I decided to keep after the last candling:
Egg 1: obvious developement, but died at some point

Egg 2, also had development, but died at some point:

Egg 3, developed a little but died early in the incubation:

Egg 4, got the farthest along, but also died at some point. Im very sorry little fella.

Egg 5, very little development: they say the eye starts first, and I could see this in there, thats why I kept this egg.

Egg 6, don't know why I kept this one:

Egg 7, partially developed and died at some point:
Can anyone tell me what the white stuff is around the left side, I know the yellow is the yolk sack.

This has been a very disappointing experiment. I did everything I knew to do.
Kept notes and wrote down every time, time and humidity from each time I turned them.
Im very very sorry it turned out this way.