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By Lesalynn · Nov 26, 2012 · Updated Jan 10, 2013 ·
  1. Lesalynn
    I will be using this page to list items I am willing to swap/trade. I will be adding much more to it as time permits. Feel free to pm me with any questions or offers you may have. If I don't take you up on the trade, please do not feel offended. I probably just don't need those items at that time.

    You should be able to click on each pic and get a description of what you are looking at. If not, you can always go to my albums and look in 'Swap Items'.

    Thanks for looking!!


    Pans not included.









    This is a one-time offer of a smorgasboard of seeds. There are over 30 packets, with 12 being unopened--2 packets of brussels sprouts seeds, one of each of the following-lettuce, salad blend, radish, broccoli, basil, parsley, beet, zucchini squash, bell pepper, and cherry tomato (almost $9 in worth), 3 zip-lock bags with some seeds harvested from our own produce--sugar baby watermelon seeds, basil seeds and cinnamon basil seeds (I use these same seeds in my gardens/herb beds and they produce wonderful fruit/herbs. The rest are packets I have used out of, but still plenty of seeds left--tomato, brussels sprouts, spanish yellow onion, lettuces, bell pepper, spinach, table queen squash, eggplant (the early long purple type), jalapeno pepper, and cauliflower.

    Things I am interested in:

    White Orp

    Meds, vitamins, feed certificates, waterers, feeders, incubators, legbands, aprons, etc...

    Most anything concerning sewing and quilting (supplies, materials, tools, books, patterns, threads.....)

    Our house is pure and simple country. I really prefer homemade items, nothing really frilly. Mostly anything with herbs, animals (horses, chickens, cow, pigs, deer), fruits, vegs, farming, fishing, gardening, cowboy/cowgirl stuff.
    Placemats, runners, curtains, towels, APPLIANCE COVERS, tablecloths....

    We have 3 chihuahuas, regular size ones, not the tiny ones. Two female, one male. They could always use new colors, coats, sweaters, wormers, vitamins, diapers....

    Three teenage girls, one 17yr old tomboy (into horses, chickens, anything outside), one 17yr old girly girl (dance team, chearleeding, goes through tons of makeup/hair products), and one 15yr old girly girl ( hair/makeup products)

    Sketchbooks, art pencils, paints, learning books....

    Halters (large), bits, reins, brushes, hoof picks, mane and tail shampoos/conditioners, wormers (nothing out of date please), leathers and irons for English saddle (used, good shape is fine, brown leather, will check on the length of leathers, the irons are 4 1/2 I think), horse blanket (used, good shape is fine) Any of the gear used in good shape is fine.

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