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  1. SmallFarmChick
    Over hundreds of years chickens have been our supply of eggs,meat, (and as most BYCer's know), pets.
    Chickens have been helpful to us in many ways, but there are many more things chickens can do than just produce eggs and meat!
    Below I'll list the helpful ways they can help YOU! If you know of any more please PM them to me so I can add them to the list.

    Let's talk gardening with chickens. It's a well known fact that chickens are great garden helpers, but do you know all the ways they can help?

    You know those old beds that have yet to be tilled, added compost, and finish getting those weeds out? Here's how chickens can help:
    ~ If you add quick netting or a watch human/dog your chickens can help that old garden! Most chickens will gladly spread that compost
    around for you if you follow these 2 tips:
    1. Put in a pile. If you leave it there in a hump most chickens will start to spread in around.
    2. Add some food. If you put a handful of cracked corn or another hard treat most chickens will scratch to find the treats and spread that compost around.

    How about those weeds? Your chickens will love those! Just let them out in the supervised area and let them go to town!

    New garden? Now if you've got a small developing garden, don't let those hens out yet. Wait till your plants are mature enough to stand a pecking or 2.
    ~ If you add quick netting or a watch human/dog your chickens can help that new garden! Here are some benefits:
    1. They'll eat those pesky bugs!
    2. they'll till garden space and destroy those mean weeds.
    3. chicken compost on the go! Yes, it'll make those veggies grow quick.

    So now, what if you don't even have that awesome garden yet?
    How about letting your chickens make the garden? Chicken tractors are the answer! They clean the space, adding extra compost, and preparing it for plants while giving you fresh eggs! Here are some tractor ideas! https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/chicken-tractors-mobile-chicken-coop-designs

    Let's see about compost. First, you need a good spot or compost bin. Then, add the compost! All your chips,hay,and droppings can be added! If you turn your compost daily, your compost should be ready to go after a few weeks/months. Then, add to garden!

    Now one last thing, ENJOY THE GARDEN!

    Now how about your chickens helping your other farm creatures?

    These animals get along fine with other animals: (mostly)
    Horses,Cows,Sheep,Goats,and rabbits.
    If you let your chickens out into the other animals pen for a certain limited time, they can benefit in these 4 ways.
    1. They eat any extra feed that is dropped from the other's animals feeder. This prevents bugs and other creatures.
    2. They eat weeds and bugs in the animal's yard.
    3. They till yards which will help with worms and such Items that would develop in the soil.
    4. They can interest the other animals!

    Some simple ways a chicken can be useful:
    1. They can brighten some ones day!
    2. They can be alarm clocks.

    Do YOU have something to add to the list? PM me your ideas!
    why it's helpful
    what it is
    how it's helped you and a picture of you chickens helping out. (optional)

    Thank you and may your chickens be your little helpers!

    Picture title, "I'm more helpful than you think!"


    This is a developing page, it is always changing and growing. PM me with your ideas!!!!

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  1. chicknfun
    oh, and CUTE little chickie!!
  2. chicknfun
    I think you should add the fact that chickens are also helpful because they cause smiles, which reduces stress levels in humans!
    Great Article, by the way!!
  3. SmallFarmChick
    Sounds neat! Could I add that to the list?
  4. canesisters
    I have an 8'x8' shed on the way from a friend that's going to be my coop. My 'plan' is to put 2 rectangular runs out the west and north sides (the east & south are trees) Then switch the girls back and forth between them every few months. That way, they can clean up the weeds, till and fertalize before I plant - and then clean the garden leavings after I harvest.
  5. SmallFarmChick
  6. canesisters
    Very cute. (o:
  7. SmallFarmChick
    Hope ya'll like it?

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