Hi Everyone!
This is the first try at "constructing" a site so it may not be a masterpiece. My husband and I live on 10 acres in SE Missouri. We have one daugher who, at age 14, went to be with our Lord. We are a Christian couple and believe we will be forever reunited one day. I teach 5th grade at a private Christian school. When we are at home we love to work with our beagles. (We have a working kennel to raise, train and show Registered Beagles) We have one very spoiled Weimaraner that belonged to our daughter, a flock of Rhode Island Reds and a flock consisting of Australorp hens and a G
olden Duckwing Cubalaya Roo. We also have quail, phesant and one very shy turkey.
We count it a blessing to live in the country. It is nice to come home to a peaceful, quiet home each day. It is totally relaxing to me to work in the barn with the chickens and quail. They are so much fun to just watch. No matter how bad the day, they always do something to cheer me up. I do name most of them. My students think this is extremely funny and try to think of new names. Most are named after men and women of the bible. I hope Moses, Samson, Aberham, Sarah to name a few feel o.k. about it.... My Rhode Isalnd Roo (Abraham - Abe for short) Likes to sit on my sholder and nibble on my hair. He has been doing this since birth and refuses to give up my attention just because he now weighs a ton.
Well, that is about all I can think of that anyone may find interesting. Hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do.
God Bless You and Yours,